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Dancing Behavior

by Poisoned Wine

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People dance because, even devoid of the knowledge of it, the very reason why
they live can be reduced to a sequence of atoms, organized in a way that's
undeniably irrelevant. Even if we go as far as to consider such a reason to be
the plan of some unknown entity whose hypothetical existence can only be
referenced to using the word "faith", we would still reduce such a plan to a
sequence of atoms, that are organized in a way that's also undeniably
irrelevant, given the lack of hard evidence that could indicate or even suggest
the contrary.
Therefore, the dancing behavior functions as an anesthetic drug, so that the
subject can be allowed to have the benefit of distraction from life itself,
especially when combined with other drugs, which function in a similar fashion.
Dancing is a relief, but not greater than death.
Eventually the subject will die, being thus incapable of proceeding with the
performance of such repetitive behavior, having then no reason to desire for any
kind of relief, except in the case where the subject was exposed to subjective
beliefs where his hypothetical soul would be tormented for endless aeons, but
even upon this event, it could all be reduced to a sequence of atoms organized
in a way that's undeniably irrelevant.


released May 2, 2016
Lyrics by Ericson Willians (Rederick Deathwill).
Composed and mixed by Ericson Willians (Rederick Deathwill).



all rights reserved


Poisoned Wine São Paulo, Brazil

Poisoned Wine is an experimental, deep and complex musical project that focuses on sensations and the subconscious mind. It has its own style, but it also has no fixed genre (One could say it's Electro Industrial, or Neoclassical, or Dark Ambient, or just "Gothic", or all of them. It's irrelevant). In general, you could call it "Ghostwave".

Rederick Deathwill.
Béa GB.
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